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A Cardo lançou recentemente o novo G9. É muito semelhante ao G4, quer nas funções, quer no preço (aprox. + 20€).

A principal diferença é a optimização das comunicações em grupo que permite, entre outras coisas, a comunicação entre 9 equipamentos.

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Cardo Scala G9 Motion Girls

New features on the Scala Rider G9
- Smaller and lighter audio kit
- Special microphone for enhanced voice quality and increased comfort
- Supplied with boom and corded microphones
- Boom and corded microphones are easy to swap depending on the helmet
- New HD loudspeaker

New functions on the Scala rRider G9™
- “One + 8” pairing
As well as the 4 users in conference, up to 8 additional users can be connected in toggling mode.
- Voice recognition technology
Connect to the additional 8 users via voice commands.
- Flash pairing
Simply touch two intercoms together and the systems are paired within 1.5 seconds.
- G9 web application
Control all functions and settings via a personal web portal. The web portal also provides a platform for contacting other G9 users and easily managing updates.
- Group signalling – Send a signal to all intercoms in the connected group.
Every member of the group can activate the signal.
- Emergency call
One touch of the button makes an emergency call.
- Real-time RDS
RDS traffic information is available on the radio.

Other features
* Full duplex bike-to-bike intercom system
* Range up to one mile (1.6 km), up to 4 people
* Mobile phone and navigation device coupling via Bluetooth®
* Stereo jack input for MP3 player
* Wireless MP3 stereo connection (A2DP + AVRCP)
* Digital signal processor
* Built-in FM radio with six channel memories (RDS automatically finds the strongest signal)
* Bluetooth® version 2.1, class 1, CSR
* Start intercom conversations with other G4 users in the vicinity (without pairing beforehand!)
* Click-to-link tells you when another Cardo G9/G4 rider is nearby and lets you pair with their intercom

* Sturdy weatherproof headset – protected against rain and snow
* Suitable for many helmet types (jet and full-face helmets)
* VOX technology for mobiles for voice-activated acceptance and rejection of calls
* VOX technology for mobiles enables voice-activated redial
* Full duplex intercom with flip antenna, range up to one mile (1.6 km) depending on terrain
* High audio quality even at high speeds
* Compatible with other SCALA-RIDER® headsets
- AGC technology automatically adjusts the volume to the background noise level and speed
* 2 ultra-flat loudspeakers also suitable for tight-fitting helmets
- Firmware updates directly from your PC (Windows™ XP, Vista or Windows 7)
* Up to 13 hours talk time / 1 week standby
* Easy to fit yourself, takes approx. ten minutes

What's included
* Cardo scala rider® G9 control unit
* Clip mount with corded microphone andlong boom microphone
(length approx. 20 cm) plus stereo loudspeakers
* Adhesive pad mount (as an alternative to the clip mount)
* Charger with USB cable
* Stereo connecting cable (with jack plug connector)
* 2 x self-adhesive Velcro pads for attaching the loudspeaker inside the helmet
* Hexagon key
* Storage pouch for Bluetooth® unit
* Instructions
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